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Lower48 refers to the contiguous United States and is a Modern American restaurant. When conceptualizing the design of the space, we asked ourselves, “What has made America great”? Our answer included the ingenuity of the American immigrant, the Western expansion and the relevance of the Transcontinental Railroad in the late 1800’s.

Lower48’s private dining room is named the Centennial Room after Colorado, the 38th state. The Centennial Room boasts a wall-mounted 1,100-pound train track art installation on two telegraph poles from the turn of the century that were sourced outside Truckee, CA. The lighting of the room invokes an old train depot while a local craftsman created tables out of beetle-kill pine from Steamboat Springs, CO.

The feature above the bar and shelving is made from 18-foot wood planks that were originally used as the floor of an American-made semi-truck from the 1950’s. The bar area also offers a ten-person communal table made from reclaimed mahogany from a 1930’s boxcar.

The host stand curtains, wine coasters and children’s crayon holders are made from vintage U.S. Mint coin sacks. Exterior elements are made from “cow panels,” the metal apparatus on trucks that transported animals across country allowing them to breathe.

Lower48 menus replicate vintage train tickets, with modern touches and red accents to enhance the rustic components, making for a visually diverse look.

The restaurant features an open kitchen, which connects the culinary team with each guest. The functionally of the space and efficiencies make for a pleasant work environment and contribute to the overall energy of the restaurant. The restaurant’s design was deliberately created without borders or boundaries.

service bar, located adjacent to Lower48, offers a thoughtful selection of large-format beer, bottled cocktails, as well as beer and wine on tap. ServiceBar’s interior is inspired by Mid-Century Modern décor, and aims to evoke the simple comfort of a living room, with communal couches, a 60” wall-mounted television, and a cozy, convivial atmosphere.

We hope you enjoy our restaurant.